About Us

Missing Dog Helpline www.ilostmydog.in is an online missing dog search service. It maintains a directory of all dog related service providers like Shelters, Animal welfare organizations, Pet clinics, Trainer, grooming, dog boarding and adoption in India.

> At present, service is limited to dogs only and no other human companions like cats, birds etc. are covered under the service.

>This service is driven by a database & estimation algorithm (this algorithm is an intellectual property of Missing Dog Helpline) to derive a possible location of missing dogs (if alive) based on the input provided by dog owners.

>Dog owners can search updated listing of lost & found dogs on www.ilostMyDog.in from the comfort of their computers/ smart phones.

Our Services

> Basic service: Dog owners can report a missing dog free of cost. The details of missing dogs are posted at www.iLostMyDog.in and other social media networks to maximum views with the help of out online supporters.

> Premium service: Premium service is an aggressive personalised search service that includes personal interaction of Missing Dog Helpline with relevant dog related service providers in the locality, collecting information through informers and paid circulation of missing reports on social media like facebook etc.

Cntact Numbers

> Our primary contact is: help[at]iLostMyDog.in

> Personalised interaction from Missing Dog Helpline is offered under premium service only.


> Missing Dog Helpline, India is only an online database of Lost found dogs.

> Listing at www.iLostMyDog.in is made based on the data provided by the dog owners or the users. Therefore, there is no guarantee that all the data available with Missing Dog Helpline is accurate. However, Missing Dog Helpline keeps on updating database frequently for higher accuracy level.

>Missing Dog Helpline does not guarantee that all missing dogs will be reunited despite availing premium service because the missing dog reunion depends on various critical factors which are beyond our control. Presently missing dog reunion is less than 10% in India (source: Indian Dog Registry)

>Premium service charges are non refundable and hence users are expected to use their own discretion prior to avail the premium service.