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An Indian Dog Dingo is missing from Mumbai since Aug 2012.

Dingo was born as a stray pup in South Mumbai. They say it’s a dog’s life. But Dingo was destined for something extra-ordinary, something special and recognition of being a house-pet. That’s where life took him to the tender lap of a girl called Genevieve Dubash, an ardent animal lover who volunteers on a number of causes related to stray animals. Dingo was picked up from the roads and soon he started living a life king sized in the Dubash family. He is quite a charmer in his own ways and no wonder why Genevieve fell for this little chap. Dingo’s owner considers him as the world’s friendliest dog whose innocent demeanour could even melt the heart of a devil. Unlike other dogs he doesn’t bark at strangers, but greets them by wagging his tail and face expressing all signs of submission. He is not just a popular dog in his colony, but also an icon among milkmen, delivery boys and uniformed men. Seeing his gestures often people who never admired dogs turned back and felt, “That fella is mighty cute.”


On the fateful Saturday of 18th August 2012, he went missing since 0600 a.m. in the morning. Genevieve and her brigade of animal lovers searched every possible corner, visited local police, dog wards, sterilization centres and other sources, but Dingo was nowhere to be found. He was wearing a blue coloured collar when he went missing from his colony. Residents who are madly affectionate towards Dingo feel some trouble maker must have purposely dumped him in some isolated region. It’s more than a month and there is no news or any tip about his whereabouts.


Genevieve is certainly heart-broken but there is a strong side of her which is instigating not to give up on Dingo until he returns back or is miraculously found by a noble Samaritan. It’s the faith. It’s the bonding. It’s the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE they share amongst each other. We heard the saying, “Faith can even move mountains” and when it’s coupled with unconditional love the task gets much simpler. We know the loss of a beloved pet is enormous and when you are not sure whether your pet is alive or dead, it’s like dying a new death every single day. This may be just another story of a missing dog, but behind the tale there is a girl of strong character who doesn’t want to give up. Let’s join together in her pursuit, let’s become her belief system and let’s collectively pray together for Dingo to return back as early as possible. Saluting her undying spirit we at Animals – Facts and Anecdotes appeal every single fan to recite a simple prayer for our Dingo. Since our group also boasts the presence of Recce masters, energy healers and people from similar forte, we request you to send your positive energies to Dingo and channelize a path for his comeback.


It doesn’t take much time for the Universe to cast some miracles. Compel the Universe folks. Keep your prayers flowing..! Let’s show the world that our collective prayers can script miracles on this planet. We believe Dingo is safe and sound. He just went wandering somewhere and NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST. If anybody finds Dingo or know anything about his whereabouts please contact Genevieve on 9930041609.

During interaction with Missing Dog Helpline, Genevieve expressed:

“I know its almost two years, I don’t even know if he’s alive, I wish this Missing Dog Helpline was available two years ago….. Something just told me I should share this with you guys, who knows, miracles happen…..

Even though locals told me that the day Dingo went missing, a similar looking dog was knocked down in a hit and run at Chowpatty, Marine Drive, I didn’t give up. I went and confirmed with the BMC and the Police present at the accident venue who confirmed it wasn’t my dog. I have walked the streets, by-lanes, slums of South Bombay for three months but couldn’t find him….

During my search, I even tracked down the family that resides in a slum, the people who took care of him before he came to me. They helped me to look for him as well. Dingo was brought up with a little white female dog who was pregnant with his pups before he went missing. I’ve adopted two of his pups. His son looks just like him. There hasn’t been a single day that I don’t think of him……”

Please help us find Dingo.

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