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One morning phone ball rang to Ms Geetas family just to inform that their lost dear one Jackie is been found out and the rickshaw driver called them to take their Jackie , A female 14 years old mixed breed female dog Jackie went missing from Near Huda market, sector -40, Gurgaon since July 16, 2016.

Jackie_Missing Dog Reunited in Gurgaon_1

The owners went to the market that day on July 16, which was less than 200 metres from their house. Jackie was also send for a walk around the house as she usually does at night, independently. She has been taking independent walks in small radii (she usually strolls around the vacant plot adjacent to their house and doesn’t go elsewhere, this routine was done by Jackie since 2-3 years and is extremely familiar with the neighbourhood. . . When they came back from the market in about 10 mins they found Jackie missing they scourged the entire neighbourhood to the best of their abilities and haven’t found her.

What more is needed to get the shock of life that your loved one is missing and you have no clues to get her back. Every moment spend is despair is all calculated to call bad time has fallen on them .Geetika’s family tried a lot to get their Jackie back ,they tried posting posters and informing all people down their lane their friends and relatives. Ms. Geetika informed the vendors ,the rickshaw drivers and domestic helpers too. ..every moment spend was tough for them, upon much search they thought of approaching Missing Dog Help line ,in a very short time the missing post went live after the initial verification. We accomplished the views faster in a day covering more than 1500 views in a very short time.

A day for Jackie and for her owner “21 July 2016 that day the phone bell to rang as usual but that day the bell was to bring the news “Jackie is found come and take him” said a rickshaw driver The family saw the dog identified him and also thanked the Rick driver for his care and concern he took for the dog .The rickshaw driver informed them she had got some infection , and few wounds suggestive of bites by stray dogs ,she was apparently having difficulty in walking and climbing which was enough to say she was completely exhausted, she was dull and scared too so she was taken to vet and got her treated…scared although ,the days were bad of missing… reunion was much more greater to cover the pain they felt…Today days go as usual for Jackie with his family and is safe and sound.

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