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Social media has the power to get back your lost one, “when sunny reunited” says all. Sunny was lost on 10th July 2016 and the family was quite disappointed by the sudden disappearance of their dear one.

Pup “Sunny” a less than 1 year old male Labrador retriever was missing from a house Near Gunpowder Restaurant, Assgao, Bardez, Goa .
Missing Labrador Dog Sunny Reunited in Goa
“On 10th July 2016, around 7:00 pm in the evening, a guest visited Parulekar house, in the confusion of welcoming the guest, the gate of their compound remained open mistakenly, and the puppy slipped out without their notice. They noticed the missing puppy by 7:15 pm, and they searched in almost a 1 Km radius around their house for 1 hour but with no success. The next entire morning till evening, they searched in the village and also approached International Animal Rescue, situated in their village, to see if they have received any information regarding a wandering dog. But no information was received”.

The dog responds immediately to his name “Sunny”. He was wearing a red collar informed the owner. Everyday spend was an ordeal for the family as they had no news of Sunny. Meanwhile informing all of the family, friends, relatives started in search of Sunny to support them. They called MISSING DOG HELPLINE too, the case was taken up immediately and social media was flooded with the missing post of “Sunny” targeting audience in Goa. Very soon the views reached more than 9,500 people in Goa. On 14th July 2016, a REMARKABLE DAY FOR PARULEKAR FAMILY AND FOR SUNNY TOO, a good Samaritan called them informing the family that he have seen the missing post in Facebook and called to inform that the dog is with them and asked them to take him. With joy knew no bounds, Parulekar family immediately reached the house to see their Sunny. The most enjoyed moment for the pup that he was assured that he will be now with his family from then on.

Mr. Max, the good Samaritan of Anjuna took care of Sunny. At first glance Sunny was shooed away by the guy but Sunny followed his bike. Mr. Max understood Sunny had lost his way home and needed help so he took Sunny to his care and thought of searching for the owner. Upon going across Facebook, he came across the missing pup post and called the family to identify.

Today, Sunny is with his family enjoying rains indoor and maybe promising himself that he won’t sneak out of house again to avoid seeing the worst of outdoors. Thou story ended as a fairy tale.

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