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Good News! :)
Missing desi dog “Thumki” finally reunited with family in Gurgaon after 1 month. “Thumki” went Missing from Shopping plaza, DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon, Haryana on April 25 2016.

Thumki_Missing Indian dog reunited in Gurgaon_MAIN

The fun filled canine that made the hearts full with joy of Ms Rachana Yadav and her family suddenly left the hearts empty as she left untraced. Thumki though joyous one, was quite afraid of her Veterinarian everytime, was her weak part, like as we human beings have the usual fear of going to doctor she was too yes, same was Thumki. But one day she had to be taken to doctor as she was suffering with acidity issues. She was on the way to her clinic but something suddenly happened like she pulled her head out of collar and run in panic leaving untraced. Ms Rachana Yadav and family tried in hurry to find her back soon but they couldn’t trace her in any way. They scourged the entire neighborhood area, contacted kennels, breeders and veterinary hospitals. They used their contacts as well but everything was in vain. They tried putting posters and distributed flyers but nothing was showing any positive reply from anywhere. Several of their friends and neighbors helped them out in their process. They had spread the message through Face book, which was shared over many times with their friends too, thanks to their amazing friends. It was shared among several animal rescue communities too.

Ms Rachana contacted Missing Dog Helpline and missing case of “Thumki” was publicized covering all social media including several rescuers, social workers, friends, dog lovers, veterinarians, who all came into action through the wide spread of the post which had flooded the social media. Missing post of Thumki was views by more than 74,000 people in and around Gurgaon with 645 post shares in a short time, expecting the good News very soon. Every passing day was very difficult for Ms Rachana and her family.

Suddenly, one such day Ms Rachana Yadav was informed by a person that the dog was in one of the jungle in their city. As soon as the information came to the family, they started immediately to find her as per the information received. They reached the destination and the informer introduced himself as Mr. Pranav who had apparently called them before also, regarding that he had found the dog near his building some days ago but at that time unfortunately it was not Thumki. But this guy being a dog lover, was watching the social media posts and posters throughout the month was also looking around the canine too. And one such day, he had just happened to drop a relative far from his house to some other relatives house. It happened so while returning way back home, in a small glance he suddenly saw “Thumki” standing, in the jungle next to the wall of that area. Once the owner Ms Rachana and her family arrived, all along with Mr Pranav started into search immediately. After much 2 km walk search, they found the dog in the jungles. Thumki was tired, pale and weak when found.

Tumki was back home and was properly cleaned and fed properly, slowly she’s getting back to normal. She was quite afraid and weak when they found her but what made both happy was the reunion. They found Thumki after much efforts and pain of long one. Veterinarian was also contacted and as per the doctors orders everything was taken care. Today she’s back home and happy with her family.

“Every pain comes to end, every difficult time come to end”.
Good work Mr. Pranav.
Thanks all for sharing our posts.

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