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“TYSON” A white Pomeranian dog went missing on 6th May 2016 from Hyderabad. He had been to the play, as a usual routine every evening ….On turning dark the owner got suspicious as the dog did not return back from play, the owner understood that he was abducted as he never use to go out from the stipulated areas.

Mr Nitesh Rajput got panicked and informed Missing Dog Helpline, we calmed him down with a sheer of hope of helping him out very soon. Meanwhile the Rajput family was searching everywhere for their dog.

Tyson_Missing Pomeranian Reunited in Hyderabad_1

On 10 th May 2016 as usual part of their search Mr Nitesh visited slum area near his locality… he was then informed by some slum kids that they had seen a dog in one of the drunkard’s house in their slum.

On searching the drunkards house they found their dear Tyson there,…they were quite happy on finding him….On questioning the drunkard he gave a lame excuse of rescuing the dog as he saw the dog was roaming, but the owner confirms that it was not the part of rescue but that guy wanted to resale the dog. However they paid some reward to the drunkard upon getting back Tyson safe and sound that was what mattered to them to get their loved one back. He was taken to his veterinary doctor for his check-up…


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