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“Bojjo reunited”.

“BOJJO” had a reunion with his family on “10 MAY 2016” after much rescue measures as he was saved from the clutches of a rude breeder from the next village.

Bojjo went missing from 29 APRIL 2016 “When Bojjo was roaming in the poultry farm guarding other animals, without the presence of his caretaker. And after sometime the caretaker called him, but he was not answering and was not to be found in the farm”-said the owner. Owner suspected abduction.
Bojjo_Missing French Mastiff dog Reunited in Patiala
The owner then informed Missing Dog Helpline. Missing Dog Helpline flooded missing report of Bojjo in social media targeting people in Patiala and surrounding areas much that breeder had no options but to keep the dog in his secret custody rather selling him in some other cities.

The breeder was very much rude to the dog that he bet the dog and hurt the dog and injured the dog’s leg…..sounds bad and hurt… huh!! …The poor one had to bear the breeders rage as Bojjo was not obeying his commands….

Missing report of Bojjo went VIRAL and people from Patiala started responding to this case. One guy informed the dog owner, and with much rescue measures Bojjo was rescued and the breeder was threatened of filing a police complain against him of abduction and harm. In that fear he accepted to take the clinical charges of dog and promised he would take all expenses till the dog is cured completely. On seeing the dog’s injury the owner was very much pained but was also happy in getting him back. Bojjo is brought home after his first veterinarian visit.

Bojjo was very much frightened and upset, but now he’s recuperating from the trauma. Hopefully he will be back with his strength very soon.

“Thank you all for sharing our post.”– Missing Dog Helpline

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