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Good News!

“Leone” the Siberian Husky reunites with his family on 3rd May 2016 after he went missing from May 2nd 2016.

Leone had lost his way to his home back when he did a small prank of escaping from his home. He was lost from Madhav Nagar near Shivananda circle, Bangalore since 08:00 a.m.

The family had a slight expectation that he would come back as he wandered for the third time. Usually he comes back but this time he didn’t , which made Chandrashekher & family a little nervous and started worrying of his return. They informed all their friends and relatives of their lost one. They approached MISSING DOG HELPLINE also and action is set to make it viral in Bangalore & surrounding area. Suddenly, a relative of owner family informed them that the Husky dog was seen with other people.
Leone_Missing Siberian Husky Dog Reunited with family_2
When they enquired to those people regarding Leone, they claimed that they have brought this dog by paying Rs. 30,000. When Candrashekher family started checking for the identification etc, those people had to accept that it was not theirs. Someone sold this dog to them at Rs. 30,000.

They got their dog back with the help of Police. Thanks to the Police and the guy who gave the story a twist.

Leone is finally reunites with his family on 3rd May 2016.

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