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Dolly Reunited story pic

A Good News again! Dolly , a female Golden Retriever dog missing from Hyderabad since February 26, 2014 is finally reunited with family. The dog owner Mr. Naga Kartheek has shares his story with Missing Dog Helpline.

“It’s 1 AM on 27 th February 2014. I returned home from office and found Dolly missing. We searched all the house and surroundings which went in vain. The gate was closed and hence it did not leave by itself. So we came to the conclusion that it must be a theft.

Still we did not want to leave any chance. We went to all the places Dolly usually roams and all the surrounding areas of around 2 km radius that mid-night itself, but could not find it.

Again the next morning we searched the same places but in vain. We were helpless. I searched on web to see if any puppy was found. Meanwhile I came across this website www.ilostmydog.in. I mailed the missing story of Dolly and I was very happy to get the prompt response and the story was posted almost immediately. Then I posted it on “Hyderabad Pet Association” and “Blue Cross Hyderabad” groups on Facebook. We went to all the nearby vets and requested them to call us if they find any puppy similar to Dolly.


We went to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) dog pound in Patancheru, Hyderabad to find if they caught it by any chance. But they shifted their dog pound and none there knew where the shifted one is nor what could we do further in this matter. We went to a local Police Station to file FIR. But they said they could not take it for a dog. But they noted it informally on some register to contact us if someone finds Dolly.

We wanted to print posters and fliers on 9th March. But Dolly was found on the previous day itself. I did declare reward because I felt it was a theft. So that thief may find it rewarding to bring it back. But none contacted me seeking money for Dolly. Dolly was missing for around 10 days (27th Feb – 8th March). That missing period was really very stressful. My job does not allow me to take many leaves. I could not work properly as Dolly was missing. My job is evaluated on daily performance. So it was spiral of things which got worse day-by-day.

The miracle: On 8th March, my dad and me went out and when we came back, Dolly was tied at our gate. We were surprised positively and Dolly was very happy to see us back. Our neighbors told that someone brought it and gave contact number. When called they said that they had Dolly tied in front of their house a few days back. When inquired they got to know our puppy was missing and tried to contact us. But to our bad it was wrong number. On 8th they came to our colony and inquired our address and gave it to our neighbors. So nice of them!

But the missing part was why someone took Dolly away and tied it in front of their house. Dolly seemed to be a bit weak that day. We took it to vet the next day. Health was okay and they prescribed some medicine for its immunity. Dolly is okay now and started playing back. I attached a picture of Dolly when it returned.

All the friendly breed puppies hardly bark at strangers. So, I suggest to take good care of them, particularly during nights.

Finally I should thank Missing Dog Helpline very much in this regard. They were first to be contacted on web and response was almost immediate. And also the reunion storied on their web-page gave me immense confidence.



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