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List Lost/ Found Dogs

Make free listing of your lost/ found dogs here. We can make your missing report "Viral" on internet at lowest possible rates.

Provide Dog Rescue Plan

We deliver "Dog Rescue Plan" to registered dog owners. This helps when your dog goes missing or abducted.

Indian Dog Registry

Largest database of dog owners & dog service providers. We ensure win-win situation for dog owners & service providers.

Lost/Found Dog

Fluffy_Female pomeranian dog missing in Hyderabad_profile
Aug 10
Aug 10

A Black Pomeranian Dog “Fluffy” Missing in Hyderabad

A 2- 4 years old black female Pomeranian dog “Fluffy” has been missing from Mettuguda, Hyderabad since August 7, 2016. Dog owner has informed that the dog must have followed his motorbike unnoticed when he was going out and since then Fluffy is not traceable. Fluffy was wearing a red dog collar at the time […]

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Kali_Missing Indian Dog in New Delhi_PROFILE
Aug 10
Aug 10

A Female Desi Dog “Kali” Missing in Patparganj, New Delhi

A 2 years old female Indian black dog Kali has been missing from Patparganj, IP Extension near NH 24, New Delhi, since August 1, 2016. “She’s small, timid, black female desi dog with big brown protruding eyes like a Dachshund. Sadly, we have no pictures of her but of a look alike dog that we […]

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Missing Dog Videos

Our dedicated creative team make missing dog videos and put on circulation.

About us

  • 2015

    It’s the time to bang

    A complete makeover is done with technology in place. We started delivering “Dog Rescue Plan”, a unique and quick guide that will help dog owners to find their dogs if lost.

  • 2014

    We’ve grown really fast

    We developed Indian Dog Registry, one of the largest database of dog owners and dog related service providers in India. Our reach in social media exceeds 10,000-30,000 in a couple of days.

  • 2013

    Missing Dog Helpline conceived

    Born in 2013 with an idea to provide a Helpline service to all dog owners in case their dogs go missing. The driving factor was emotional supports from dog owners & pet lovers in India.

Our Power

Missing dog reunion is less than 10% worldwide. We at Missing Dog Helpline, operate with 13.7%. Pretty cool, huh?
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Our Frontline Team

Meet our creative team. We all are crazy when it comes to dogs.


Why spend Rs. 20k - 40k in panic? Download our affordable “Dog Rescue Plan” (DRP) to protect your pet dog.

Dog Owners:

  • Download Dog Rescue Plan
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  • @ Rs. 999/-

Missing Dogs:

  • Download Dog Rescue Plan
  • 20,000 Localised SMS Alert!
  • 20,000 Facebook View!
  • @ Rs.6999/- (*) Depends on "city"

Business Listing

  • Automatic Listing in DRPs
  • Unlimited DRP Listing
  • 1 Year Validity
  • @ 499/-

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